Company name: Originality network technology company

Company was established in 2017/10/8
R&D intellectual power software: football baby
Intellectual power software's R&D researching time: 2 years
Company address: Dalu Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Our company has passed the supervisory function of the West Coast of the United States and the Australian Financial Supervisory Authority, and the online platform also has a record.
All transactions on our website can be queried, open and transparent for supervision, with a professional team and experienced commissioners, as well as perfect Fund protection mechanism, so that your assets can grow steadily every day.

Football baby smart software has the following features:
1. Smart delegation is available for life
2. No manual operation is required, reducing some mistakes that can cause with manual operation, and automatically entrusting the settlement of profits throughout the process
3. The professional team accurately selects the football game of the day through big data analysis to ensure the generation of daily profits
4. Only a small amount of profit 30% is charged as insurance money, which maximizes the protection of customer funds when there is a loss
5. Guide one-to-one with our experienced product managers, dedicate all the best to assist you solving all problems that come across to you.
6. Ensure to protect and secure the funds against outside impacts with an all-round mechanism
7. The software is simple and easy to understand, the intelligent software commission to definitely defeat traditional investment methods.



Why do you choose King?

Short introduction of King

The platform was established in 2012. The company is located in the international financial center of London

1. King platform fund security
King's 10th anniversary is the first sports investment company in Asia. It is legally registered and licensed. King's football investment project is a new platform and new project jointly developed by a well-known legal exchange company in the UK. As we all know, London, as an international financial transaction center, has to abide by stricter standards than the EU. Therefore, the sports investment project that King cooperated with a well-known exchange in the UK is not only legal, but also a financial project that conforms to various international financial policies. King's sports investment form is an international sports investment form (and has a promise of 24-hour speed credit.)
2. Platfrom Fund Policy
As far as investment projects are concerned, most of the similar cross-border projects transfer funds to financial personal cards, which is a common experience. And King uses encrypted digital currency, which is more private, safe and convenient!
3. Rules of the King Platform
The King platform is based on the result of "oppose" which means if you invest this score and the result is not it, then you will make a good profit base on it, and the probability of making a profit is as high as 15/16
4. The public legitimacy of platform projects
The football matches selected by the platform are public and fair, all the results of the matches are real and effective, and the platform has passed the supervisory function of the Global Network Security and Information Commission.